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What are video "Countdowns"?
Putting Countdowns on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or other portable device is helpful when on the go.  

How to load on you apple device(s):

To install Countdowns on iPhone, iPod, or iPad:  
1.) Using iTunes, add digital file to Store, under “Purchased” by dragging and dropping.
2.) Select a countdown from purchased list, using the “Advanced” drop down menu, 
3.) Select the option: Create iPod or iPhone version. iTunes will convert.

 This DVD includes 10 exclusive video countdowns.  
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Video "Countdowns" are a wonderful way to marry the concept of time with visual interest and music. Video "Countdowns" are by far more interesting and entertaining than watching a clock tick. Counting down is an effective way to inform someone of exactly when an activity will end, or begin, and allow that person time to mentally prepare for the transition. 

Although the website store is now closed, Red Circle Rainbow Video Countdown DVDs are still available for purchase.  I created very specific criteria to create a complete visual and musical experience presenting either a calming or energizing experience.  

For a shorter countdown, fast forward to the amount of transition time you need. 

The DVD video "Countdowns" includes a digital file that you can load on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, MP3 player, Nook, or other electronic device.  (See below for iPhone/iPod/iPad instructions.)

Although the website store is now closed, Video Countdown DVDs are still available for purchase.
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