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  My name is Carol Jimenez.  I started Red Circle Rainbow in 2008 while working at an integrated, special needs, public school.  I specialized in the creation of visual communication supports and parent training.  I received hundreds of hours of on the job training, as well as special education specific training in many areas of special education, with a focus to communication, which is the foundation of learning.​  So began my passion for the use of visual supports for people with communication challenges.   

I am also the proud parent of twins with autism.  So I get it.

     Today, I am an Ability Awareness advocate, private consultant and trainer for families, groups and schools.  I write about and speak from my own experience, and the influence of the many families and students I've had the privilege to work with.  

Autism today...
     Thankfully, a lot has changed since our family was first diagnosed years ago. However, resources can still be hard to find and temporary.  With this website, I hope to give you the information and resources you need to help your child or student reach their full potential. 

     The variety of services for children with special needs, and particularly ASD increases daily. What is real and what is quackery?  It can be hard to tell, with everyone claiming success using various "therapies." Desperate parents provide opportunities for the unscrupulous. Some "therapy" providers may not be unscrupulous, but promote unproven methods.  You will need to educate yourself before investing your time and money.

     I've spent many years sorting through the anecdotal and the science.  I won't address each and every therapy out there, but I include resources on this website that have the scientific community's support, and that I can confidently recommend to others.  

     We want all of our children to reach their full potential, regardless of ability.

     If you have a comment, or information to share, please don't hesitate to contact me using the Contact page.
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Carol Jimenez, Recipient, NCCSE 2017 Collaborative Parent Award