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Video "Countdowns" Screen Shots and Descriptions
Energizing Countdown Descriptions
Numbers bounce in time to a whimsical, and memorable tune - the most requested countdown.  Creates a a nice, level, upbeat energy level.
Following behind a car moving in fast motion accompanied by jazz, featuring a high hat, piano and saxophone.  Leaves you energized, and focused. 
Color Twirl
Slowly spinning colors morph to a techno musical composition.  This video could be calming as well.  However, the visual aspect is energizing.  
Fractal Motion
The highest energy countdown. Continuous motion to a rockin techno-beat.  Leaves you feeling ready to move.  A good pre-physical activity countdown.
Minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds create a fast moving countdown while you travel through space - past planets and solar systems, along with a  techno and guitar musical composition. Creates an active state of mind.

Travel through doors and spaces that lead to more doors and spaces ,while listening to a pleasant electric guitar.  The beat picks up at the end, implying  "almost there". Leaves you feeling calm, yet ready to move on.
Numbers move under the sand, as do other crawling beach dwellers, including crabs and starfish.  Accompanied by an electronic keyboard composition. Leaves you feeling calm and steady.  
Watch a magnificent sunrise to a piano, tambourine, bongo and string musical composition. Leaves you feeling simply calm.
The clock counts down beneath shallow, slow moving water, accompanied by a techno and guitar composition.  The music picks up at the end, adding splashing sounds during the last 10 seconds.  The countdown ends with a drip fade to black.  Leaves you feeling relaxed.

Birds fly together to create countdown numbers while the sun rises in the background. Classical guitar accompaniment. Creates a calm, serene state.

Calming Countdown
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