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Visually Supporting Speech and Communication Concepts,  It Really Works!

Used successfully by Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), teachers, therapists, and parents, The "Voice-O-Meter" is a beautiful example of how a visual support can be used to teach a complex concept quickly and successfully.  Verbally describing the concept of volume might work, but it just doesn't have the same recognition and impact as demonstrating the concept visually. Repeatedly saying, "louder," "softer," "I can't hear you," "You're too loud," etc. also distracts from the activity at hand.  Keeping a concept visual like this one nearby, allows the activity to continue without interruption, while addressing the issue of, as in this example, volume.
Class size Voice-O-Meter in action.
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What is a "Voice-O-Meter?"

Anything that you can use as a visual to indicate a desired level of volume.  This version is a laminated picture of a scale; with an elastic band, and a bead that the demonstrater can move up and down to the desired position.  

In the video to the left, a teacher is using it to successfully gain the entire Kindergarten class's attention.  It allows them to make noise, which they love, and concludes with their undivided attention to teacher.  Success!

Use also to adjust an individual's volume to the desired level.

(Works best to turn up, then adjust down.)  
Just Right
Too Soft
Too Loud